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Check these Important Features Before you Buy a Hepa Vacuum cleaners

Buy a Hepa Vacuum cleaners

There are a lot of considerations when buying the best HEPA vacuum cleaners. However, before you dive in with the other factors it is important that you first consider the size of your house. A lot of people opt to choose at least a mid-size vacuum cleaner, this is because it is more effective in handling the people’s needs most of the time. But you can also explore other available options such as a full-size canister vacuum especially if you have a large house. On the other hand, if you are a student renting in a dorm room or any other person who has a studio apartment house then it might be best to have a smaller sized vacuum cleaner to get the work done.

Before you start selecting your vacuum cleaners, make to check these important features:

–    Sealed HEPA system: It is important that the bag and motor components are completely sealed by rubber gaskets. This will ensure that there will be leakage of dust-filled air. Keep them in the machines where they are supposed to.

–    Two-fan suction motor: A two-fan motor is capable of pulling more dust than a single fan motor. This is a large improvement in terms of efficiency.

–    On-board tool caddy: On boards are vital in a heap vacuum cleaner. Before you pick a vacuum cleaner, it is important that the tools can easily be changed right away. Make sure to pick cleaners that are user-friendly and is easy to navigate.

vacuum cleaner

–    Carpet height adjustment: This comes valuable in vacuuming different carpets such as cotton rugs, Chinese carpets and may others. You’re going to need the capability to adjust the controls at the touch of a switch or dial.

–    Easy maneuverability: A large caster with good quality gives your equipment an increased maneuverability

–    Swivel 360° for hose and wheels (canisters): Not only does the machine need an increase in maneuverability but also they need to have a 360° movement without moving the vacuum.

–    Attachments: Besides the essential, a vacuum cleaner also needs to have the vital attachments like a dusting brush, bare floor, upholstery, and some crevice tools. These are basic tools that should be in a vacuum cleaner.

–    Dust bag change indicator: Just any machine, a vacuum cleaner cannot work properly if it does not have an overfull bag. It will be prone to a burn out easily.

–    Warranty: This is one of the most important features in every heap vacuum machine. Make sure that you check the manufacturer’s warranty period, you can start by getting a maximum 5-year warranty on the motor and then add another 1 year with the other.

–    Fan position: The equipment efficiency not only depends on the machinery itself but also on how you utilize it. To maximize its potential use, it is recommended that you vacuum dirt to the dust bag first before putting it to the blower fan. This will allow you to minimize exhausting allergen in the room. However, not all machines are built this way, but most of the time manufacturers have taken a step forward by developing the existing design and added a filter.

For more information about heap vacuum cleaners, visit Vacuum Savy at https://vacuumsavvy.com/best-hepa-vacuum-cleaners/.