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Face-to-Face Marketing and Social Networking

The Magic Stick is a little device that you take around with you. It’s about the size of a computer memory stick. You can electronically share contact information with someone with a Magic Stick. You each take a shot, press a button, and presto, you’re connected. Welcome to the age of Smart Circle social networking, where the greeting and business card may be the first casualties.

  1. Face to face social network platforms

Twitter, LinkedIn, Web 2.0, Facebook, SecondLife, Ning, Flickr, LibraryThing, Jaiku, and EventPeeps will be around for a long time. We can’t do anything about it, and we shouldn’t for fear of being classified as Luddites. We should view social networking as a constructive tool for expanding our personal networks.

  1. Networks are not the same as mailing lists.

According to social scientists, each of us has a network of about 200 people. You are misusing the functionality when you misuse the technology and create lists with hundreds of contacts.

  1. Find out the amount of the degree of separation you have.

 When you multiply 200 by the sixth power, you get slightly more than six billion, which happens to be the world’s total population. Learning how to tap into these sub-networks opens up a world of possibilities for you. You can find everyone you want to contact through your six degrees of separation if you search closely.

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  1. Don’t take advantage of your network.

When you use your network for commercial purposes, this is simple. Your network consists of persons with whom you have had direct touch. They have families, concerns, and aspirations. You cannot lose when you treat your network as an extension of yourself and treat these people as individuals.

  1. Keep in contact

It’s pointless to meet someone at a trade show, exchange information, and then lose touch. Treat your network as if it were a living, breathing organism in need of care; otherwise, it will wilt and die.

  1. Make it a habit to do it all the time.

Don’t only build your network when you’re in a pinch. Always be on the watch for ways to broaden your sphere of influence.

  1. Return the favor

If your network is a living organism, it requires nourishment to survive. Your willingness to give back is reflected in the meals you provide. It entails always looking for opportunities to help your 200 coworkers with advice, contacts, or a pleasant word.

For instance, in face-to-face marketing, a smart circle, social networking is swiftly gaining traction. You have a winning mix when you combine the power of your interpersonal abilities to expand your network and then add technology to record the event and keep in contact.