Blackhawk Supply HVAC and Plumbing Services

Blackhawk Supply a company founded in Hoffman estate, Illinois with an initiative to provide exemplary HVAC, electricity, control supplies and plumbing supplies to the people at affordable rates. Blackhawk was founded in 2015 with a team of professionals with an experience of over 30 plus years in HVAC control industry. The services provided by their website all come from a network of trusted brands which assures high-quality products along with proficient services. Blackhawk stands from other companies of the same industry because of its prompt responses to the customer’s queries and service requests while most of the other firms just simply send an auto-generated mail about responding soon.blackhawksupply

Services provided by Blackhawk Supply:

 Following are the services provided by Blackhawk Supply, IL.

  •  HVAC Services

 HVAC services include Thermostats, Temperature controllers, Humidity Controller, Humidifiers, Zoning Dampers, and Zoning panels etc.

  •  Plumbing Supplies

 Plumbing services contain Brass fitting, Brass head free, Plastic fittings, Black & Galvanized fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hydraulic fittings, stain steel fittings, Aluminium and Bronze fittings, clamps, tubing, and valves.

  •  Electric Services

Electric services consist of Wires(multi-conductors, CAT5E, CAT6, accessories), Relays(24V coil, 120V Coil, DC Coil, AC Coil) Transformers(120 VAC, 24 VAC Secondary, 120 VAC Secondary) and Power supplies, Enclosures etc.

  •  Control Services

 Control service comprises of Sensors(Indoor NEMA 1, Outdoor NEMA 4, 12, 13), Control Valves(Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, CCTV Ball Valves, Pressure Independent Valves, Zone Valves), Valve actuators, Damper actuators, and more.blackhawksupply

 Blackhawk believes in providing its customers the services and supply they expect and the product satisfaction they deserve that’s its main goal. Free shipping is also provided to the customers on a purchase of $ 999 and over and they ensure security for each transaction provided by the trusted network. Quantity discounts are also applicable to specific products. It is a privately held small business located in the Midwest which has all the traits to follow up and upgrade itself to grow into a large-scale business.

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