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Become the best Free Fire survivor with these 10 tips!

mobile game

Free Fire – Battlegrounds  is a mobile game, a Battle Royale  in which there is only one winner. We have many tools at our disposal to become the last survivor on foot, but you also have to know how to use them.

Discover how to become the best Free Fire player with these tips!

Choose the landing site well

Choosing the landing site is only the first step to achieve victory. Although it may seem trivial, it is not; determine where you will start먹튀검증 can decide if you start the game well or not. It is important to choose a place isolated from other players , near a city but not so close to it.

For that reason, the best option is to fall outside the towns and cities, observe where others fall and, then, enter to explore. It is essential not to expose ourselves too much until we are properly equipped, especially when moving around sites with loot  in quantity and quality, where there will often be players.

Battle Royale

Get equipment

It is crazy to fight without the proper equipment. For that reason, as soon as we land, the first thing we must do is find weapons, protection, first aid kits, among other things. At the start of the game, it is best to grab everything we find , as we can always improve and change the equipment.

There are five essential items for survival:

Helmets: very important to protect us from snipers and avoid the dreaded shots to the head. There are three levels of helmets.

Bulletproof vests: they reduce the damage suffered in the torso, which gives us more advantage in the exchange of shots. There are three levels of vests, but we can improve up to level four.