All about router IP address

All about router IP address

Even though computers and internet are widely used by many people in their day to day life, many among them don’t have technical knowledge about it. There are also many people who are still unaware of finding the IP address. There are many users who don’t have idea about an IP address. But it is to be noted that knowing these factors are more important in order to use the network without any hassles. In case, if they tend to get exposed to any kind of issues, they must be aware of these factors in order to handle the issues in the right way. This article is written in order to provide the best information on the router IP address.

router IP address

What are they?

Basically the broadband will have two types of IP addresses. The first one is the private IP address which will be on the local network. The next one is the public IP address and this is the external IP address. The main intention of using this IP address is they will help in communicating with the other network on the internet. Knowing about this IP address is more important in order to handle any kind of emergency.

How to find IP?

The external IP is the one which links the internet service provider and the broadband. In order to find this IP the IP lookup services available in online can be used. Apart from it, this IP address can also be found within the router. In the router settings, there may be a status page. In this page, the internet section will have the details about the IP address. While considering the local IP address, it can also be pointed out in router settings. It can be easily seen in the manufacturer’s documentation. It can be easily retrieved from the basic set up screen. Some branded routers may also have default IP address. This IP will get differed from one branded router to another. However, the people who are not aware of how to check router ip can make use of the above mentioned ways.