After The Steroids, What Happens?

After Steroids

     Steroid use is very popular for the reason that it bulks you up really fast. If you are a bodybuilder trying to impress people on how large you are, steroids might be just the thing for you. It is almost a guarantee that taking steroids, along with a good diet and exercise will get you big. But, what happens when you get off steroids after using them? There is a raging debate about this, some say the muscle turns into fat. Yet others say that it turns into nothing as it catabolizes. The thing is it doesn’t do anything except get smaller. Your natural hormone levels will also need to get back to normal. This is why steroid users need to undergo a therapy to wean their bodies dependence on artificial testosterone. This is called the PCT or Post Cycle Therapy or recovery if you will. Steroids have gained popularity and widespread availability online. You can Buy steroids online and have it delivered almost anywhere. Adverts proclaim Buy Steroids online USA in so many ways.

    Let us look at how muscles are formed in the first place. The body builds muscle in response to stress. and will continue to build while the stress is there. In this case, the stress when a bodybuilder lifts weights. If you take that stress away, that muscle shrinks. However it is not the muscle itself, but the number of fibrils in each muscle fiber. This is actually what we are increasing when we workout. By taxing a muscle, more fibrils are formed and this enhances the muscle fiber.

After The Steroids

    Let us add to the mix here that steroids do NOT build muscle, but rather just promote it. Hard work and proper diet and nutrition build muscles. Steroids are there so you can work harder and recover faster. However, with a proper Post Cycle Therapy, you can keep most of your muscular gains if not all. You have to understand that what steroids do is multiply protein synthesis rate and time, so a normal workout without steroids will be multiplied a tenfold if you are using steroids. It is also very important to keep within the cycle and avoid abusing the substance because that is where all your health problems related to steroid use will start. So if you have the proper PCT and diet after the cycle, you will probably lose a few pounds after using them but those would mostly be water weight.

     Some are even again arguing about a certain “genetic” limit. So long as you have not reached this and surpassed it, you will keep your gains from steroid use. You would lose some weight but it will be very minimal provide again that you follow the proper PCT and diet. The problem starts when you go online and see examples of actors or professionals as examples of before and after users. These are actors and their training regimens are nowhere near normal. Professional bodybuilders do not count as well.