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Advertising and Business Promotion

Advertising and Business Promotion

Trade promotion is the act of any way of communicating a particular business that seeks to convince, inform, educate and remind people of your product to facilitate good public opinion and increase sales. Commercial advertising is the way business owners can promote their products and convince customers to choose their product instead of selecting products from their competitor. The mechanism that companies explain the benefits of your product on other products contributes to the dissemination of information, where product output is available, published the recommended retail price, customer reviews, accreditation, and marketing levels. Some use the need for commercial icons and famous artists to do this, while others lead in a highly competitive advertising strategy to defeat competitors and compete in the industry.

A particular business uses the development of institutional industry to create a favorable identity for its goods or services (especially now that competitors also compete in the market). Institutional business promotion does not sell products directly. However, creating a very favorable style for their products and services, as a result of the development of institutional business, this very much required sales, as well as maximum sales of goods or services of the company.

The central business spotistar promotion is corporate advertising. Advertising in any legal way sponsored personal or non-personal data on the development of products, stocks or goods and services, creating links between the corporate world and customers, as well as promoting implementation. Advertising is unique and differs in comparison with other forms of commercial promotion, because: first, money and time are devoted to advertising. Secondly, it establishes the concept gives more detailed information about products and services, rather than selling it personally.

competitive advertising strategy

Finally, it is evident that it represents the primary sponsor of the overall message.


  • Customers can advertise their products and services through their preferred ads.
  • It is also an inexpensive form of advertising; only intends to provide information about the product or services.
  • The form of advertising has many options, using the media to use print add.
  • Companies are promoted
  • Advertising tool is subject to re-viewing whenever there. This will make people more familiar with the product or service, provided that they come in contact with it.
  • Advertising has many advantages.
  • The purpose of advertising is not specific to a particular population group; It is open to all and is not limited.
  • Monitoring is done promptly, not daily.
  • You expect people to enter the door, not that you come through his door.

Final word

The advantage of knowing such advantages and some disadvantages will help you consider the types of promotion that is going to do to generate the best sales for the company to be more successful and outstanding in the industry. You will have the opportunity to further expand your knowledge about these things when you update about the latest trends available on the Internet.