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A Life Lived for Others

Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak has gone through a lot of difficulties starting at a very young age most people could only imagine. This has molded his conviction to give back as soon as he was able to and make life just a little better for those who may not have been as fortunate to be given a chance like him.

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan to Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, Hamed had to flee his beloved country to escape the wrath of the Soviet occupation. He then took refuge in the United States. It is where he pursued his education graduating at the top of his class as valedictorian in 1997 with a degree of Bachelor of  Science in Government and Political Theory from Georgetown University. Hamed’s intensive studies in Government and Politics gave him the opportunity to view and understand the intricate workings of the government and see his father’s work in a new and better light. Thereafter, he was honored to be awarded a Rhodes Scholarship – 1997. This award is accorded to but thirty-two students in any given year, college graduates who manifest remarkable levels of integrity and a sincere dedication to improving the quality of life for others.

Hamed Wardak returned to his homeland wanting to do his part in easing the need and suffering of his countrymen during the Afghan civil war.

 Hamed came back to the United States and worked handling high profile business mergers and negotiations for Merrill Lynch. He earned such an impressive reputation in the business world that Technologists, Inc., a reputable and eminent construction company sought him out to hire him. He held the position of Managing Director of International Relations giving invaluable contributions to the company.

Hamed’s passion for research combined with his innate intelligence equipped him with the knowledge and capabilities to venture into entrepreneurship. Hamed spread his wings and eventually founded his own enterprise, Ludan Athletics, a clothing brand. This endeavor allowed him to further lend a hand to the Afghan refugees’ cause by giving a portion of each sale to their assistance.

Also a contributing author for the Huffington Post, his articles mostly dealt with his home country, what he had to endure, and more importantly, what his people are yet suffering at the moment.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Hamed broke out of his comfort zone and drifted into music. Seeing it as the ultimate form of communication, he created and produced his unique brand of techno music under the intriguing moniker Valen of Wicked. To him, it’s not just the musicality but for the message that he has been consistently trying to get across… Peace, Unity and Charity.