A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing A Shipping Container

Shipping Container

Shipping containers are more than storing packages to be moved around the world. It presents an excellent investment opportunity as well. You can buy shipping containers at davenport laroche investments and then lease it to other shipping lines. The returns will be good because shipping containers play a major role in the success of shipping industry. You have to know that 90% of international commercial trade is transported through shipping containers.

If you are into another type of investing like shipping container homes, it is important that you know how to choose the right shipping container to build a successful structure. Modifying a shipping container and convert it to a house is the fastest, easiest and low-cost method. Aside from building a house, many people also consider it to build restaurant, hotels, cafes, clinics and many more.

Modifying a shipping container

Shipping containers without a doubt are useful. If you haven’t purchased a shipping container before, you are probably confused. However, this shouldn’t stop you from purchasing and building shipping container homes. To start, here’s a guide:

Visit a container yard

The first step is to visit a container yard. Allot time to look at some shipping containers. Look at as many containers as you can to make sure that you have a variety of options. You need someone to show you around so it is prudent to call in advance and book an appointment.

Explain your needs

There will be a representative present while you are looking around. But before starting, take time explaining what you need the containers for and your budget.

Check the exterior walls

The representative will give you recommendations and based on that, you can personally check the containers. The first thing that you should consider is the exterior wall. Walk around the container and look for wall cuts and patches. You should also examine if there is rust or any other damage. It should be in good shape.

Examine the roof

You do not need to climb the roof to check if it is in good shape. You just need to walk around the container and see if the corner fittings are showing signs of rust. You have to focus on the corner fittings because dents tend to happen here. Dents allow water pooling that can lead to rust build up in the long run.

Check the doors

When checking the doors, do not depend on the representative to operate it. You have to physically confirm that the lock rods swing freely. You have to know that there are two gaskets – the outer gasket will seal the containers against outside forces and the inside gasket that seals the inside. Check if the gasket seals are not damaged, cut or broken.

Examine the interior

You will notice that the floor is made of plywood, which is secured to the understructure. When walking inside, you should cover all the spaces and look for soft spots, heavy stains, broken sections and loose joints. You have to know that all containers have a smell. Check if you are okay with the smell.