4 Tips in Choosing the Right Granite Countertops

Choosing the Right Granite Countertops

Are you still unsure what color to get for your first granite countertop?

Obviously getting granite for your countertops is a real deal breaker— it has definitely turn a lot of kitchen to look classic, modernized and very beautiful.

Of course, people are now very ecstatic in investing to such pieces for their kitchens. Which is why, it is vital that you incorporate the right colors and matchings for your kitchen cabinets to compliment it with your choice of granite tops.

Most likely, there are colors and patterns you can choose fromo. Brown granite countertops ar e mostly the most popular color that is easily blended in most cabients and kitchen auras. Whether big or small kitchen spaaces, it gives your kitchen exactly the look you wanted it to be.

But it’s not just that— still there are a lot more things you needed to take in consideration. And with that said, you might need to take note of this 4 tips I have for you in choosing for the right granite countertops. Let’s check this out below!

pair granite with cabinets

4 tips

1 Match the granite with the cabinets

Basically, there are two main ways to pair granite with cabinets. 1st, you have to match the color with the cabinets or pair the veining and marbling. Match your granite to your counters by choosing the one that’s the same color as your cabinets but with the darker veining. 2nd, if you want granite that contrasts, choose stone with veins of color that will match your cabinetry.

2 Determine if you want light or dark granite

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing between light and dark granite. Light colored works best with small kitchen, it makes the space feel larger. While if your kitchen does not get much natural light, a light colored granite can also turn it brighter. Grat and black granite also offer a dramatic look that works best in contemporary kitchens with white or light cabinetry.

Morever, beige or brown granite countertops are the most adaptable colors that will work well in almost any kitchen style.

3 Pick a unique granite pattern

While picking the best color, you must also take note to pick the most beautiful pattern too. Granite comes in three basic patterns— solid, speckled and marbled.

Solid has a very little variation in patters, it would work best for smaller kitchens it can make the area look to crampled.

Speckled is a popular in its kind, it has a great deal of variation in color and texture and is also a good choice if you want to make a statement, accent cabinets or add interest to stainless steel appliances.

Marble also has a very smooth transition between texture and color. It is simple but very attractive.

4 choose between tile or slab

Tile granite countertops are the most budget friendly option to get the durability and classic look of granite. But there will be visible grout lines. Granite can be installed as a solid slab too, with having few to no grout lines at all.  However, it will be more expensive in terms of labor and materials.