Day: January 11, 2022

How the Cyprus-based Startup ‘TheSoul Publishing’ Took Over the Online World!

The chances are that you would not give a hoot to the mention of this enterprise unless you specifically know it. However, if one hints at 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, 5-Minute Crafts Kids, 5-Minute Magic, it certainly rings a bell. These creative channels that serve non-political content for their viewership in millions prevail over YouTube, Facebook, and other social media.
Owned and run by Cyprus-based Company TheSoul Publishing, the platform became the first media publisher to secure 100 billion views on social media in 2021. And this view count outstrips those of Walt Disney Company, WarnerMedia, or Sony Pictures Entertainment.

How did it get here so quick?

Let’s find out!

What is this Cyprus-based Company?

This ever-growing digital studio has its own spicy story of booming from just a startup idea to a raging titan. The entertainment platform has become the second-most-watched media channel. The enterprise did not always post those click-bait DIY videos, life hacks, riddles, and magic for every age group.
Instead, it launched itself by primarily posting infographics, memes, and funny images, interesting in different tongues such as Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English.
The enterprise works differently and strives to catch up with the demands of their audience, as stated by Mamedov, the CEO of the company. The increasing fanbase for the company’s Social Media channels is delivering impetus to sprawl further from short-form content into other branches. The CEO revealed the company’s interest in creating Music labels and longer, episodic content to stream on giant platforms.
For now, content yourself with thousands of videos running on different YouTube Channels. You will find hack for everything, from knitting a sock for your baby to tips for surviving a deadly animal attack, science experiments, and more.

TheSoul Publishing

The Company & its controversial history content

Despite the firm’s claims of staying aloof of political matters, it curates biased history videos. The animated chronicles of the world’s past streamed on channels Easy Peasy are pretty twisted and grossly reflect Russia’s perspective. For instance, a video available on the track Smart Banana, “12 Countries That May Not Survive the Next 20 Years”, poses the United States as one of the countries bound to perish due to internal conflicts and viewpoints tension. The video was, however, later removed.
Nonetheless, you may still relish the hacks of making shoes waterproof before hiking, cracking perfect popcorn, or forging a colourful school project.

Tips to promote the content through instagram effectively

Instagram is now used by millions of people around the world. Instagram makes it easier to take pictures and share them with friends and many people enjoy doing this. Aside from networking, Instagram can also be used for marketing purposes. Using Instagram for marketing your business online is an excellent idea.

Content should be in media format

The appeal of pictures and videos is greater than that of text files for many people. Images and videos are more likely to go viral as people share them. In addition, they are more memorable than text files. Tell your brand’s story and convey your values through photos and videos at TheSoul Publishing instagram profile. If you want your brand and sales to improve, images and videos are essential.

Use high-quality media

You must create and share high-quality images and videos within your feeds if you wish to improve your visibility. You can ask a photographer for help if necessary. For sharp pictures, you can use a great camera. Make sure your pictures are taken at a good angle. Edit your photographs for better results. Most mobile phones come with photo editing tools for this purpose. Instagram also provides several editing tools. Make use of these tools to boost your Instagram marketing efforts.

TheSoul Publishing

Connect with the followers

It is crucial to keep in touch with your customers, especially when your business has a small market share. The first step is to show your clients that you care about their opinions. Let them know that you are listening to their questions and comments. As a result, you will increase user-generated content and credibility as well as promote the visibility of your business and products. It is important not to underestimate the influence of your Instagram followers on the success of your business.

Instagram allows you to connect with friends and the world. You can use TheSoul Publishing Instagram to promote the content. Instagram marketing can help your brand become more visible, increase sales, and ultimately generate more revenue. Follow the above Instagram marketing tips to succeed.