Day: November 1, 2021

Video Surveillance & Access Control Systems – Things you need to know

The integration of telephone systems with data networks requires from companies more and more specific skills and advanced equipment. The birth of new communication supports such as xDSL and optical fiber lines, today allows services that were once unthinkable, with a truly impressive reduction in service costs.

If the use of equipment to build your voice / data network scares you (hub, switch, router, patch panel, connectors, cables, repeaters), we will reassure you, because you already have a solution, we will carry out a Free Technical Inspection, in which a careful and exhaustive analysis will allow us to understand and support present and future needs.

When it comes to networking and access control systems in Chicago, the structured cabling solution is a fundamental solution to offer a facility everything needed to connect phones and network devices. The use of structured cabling brings with it several advantages and helps to manage the connections of the entire company network in an extremely efficient way.

Necessary for all office buildings, structured cabling is the entire apparatus that allows you to easily connect different network devices, using a main unit and several passive components: these can be backbone cables and wall sockets. Visit to know more.


Obviously, safety first of all . Thanks to the structured cabling, it is possible to create a network of cameras to keep the inside and outside of your business under control, being able to connect even in real time.


We have already talked about it in another article , but briefly: Creating an internal company network can be very useful for all employees to work better.


The wired connection is, statistically, with a much higher level of performance than the wireless connection. Not necessarily you have to choose one or the other: even a simple ” delegate ” activities that require  a greater connection to the wired system and leave the wireless connections ” free ” to handle the rest.


As I wrote just above, it is a good idea to have both  since malfunctions, possible sudden shutdowns, low performance could cause a slowdown for business activities, the synergy between the two technologies is the key to working better.