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Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue: You Abode Of Luxury

To live in a house that offers both luxury and comfort is the desire of every individual. Home is undoubtedly the most comfortable place that anyone can seek. This is the reason why most of us always look for the perfect option when it comes to looking for a desired house. Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue brings for you one of the most luxurious and quality homes for your residence so that you are able to cherish living in the villa.

Amenities to make life easier

At botanic residence, you will find everything that you are seeking. From lush interiors to captivating exteriors, the property speaks of comfort and luxury in myriad tongues. The houses are designed and built keeping in mind all the little intricacies and details. Designed under the supervision of internationally acclaimed experts, these luxury homes provide you with everything that you are looking for in your house. The designers have made sure to craft the perfect luxurious abode of your dreams that caters to all your needs.

quality homes for your residence

The residential properties are equipped with state of the art facilities and amenities which are all developed to provide the residents with a life to cherish. The property is located in the prime location of the city which ensures that that you are never too far from anything. Whether it is school or college or supermarket or tourist attraction in the city, the property is near to everything that you want for a comfort living.

Experiment with your lifestyle

The lifestyle offered by these residential properties is something to really watch out for. With amazing surroundings and a perfectly secured and safe location, the place offers you the perfect house whereas you can be totally assured about the safety of your kids and loved ones. The owners provide you with facilities like gymnasium, clubhouse and swimming pool which all add to the perks of living in this residential properties.

Thus, in order to secure the best lifestyle for yourself and your family do visit Botanik Residence Hillview Avenueto explore some amazing locations and luxurious lifestyle.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Washers

Whatever mechanical devices you have, you may be tempted to omit washers, after all, it is just a small part. However, you fail to realise that washers play a big role in the success of the project. Washers are a thin plate with a hole in the middle (typically looks like a disk). You may see it a small part but it is beneficial when distributing the load of the fasteners like nut or bolt.

Here are the other things that you need to know about washers:

What are the types of washers?

Washers can be categorized into three types – plain washers, spring washers and locking washers. The plain washers spread load at the same time averts damage to the surface. Examples include flat washer, fender washer, spherical washer, anchor washer and torque washer.

standards of washers

The spring washers, on the other hand, are used to avoid loosening or fastening due to vibrations. Finally, locking washers prevent unscrewing rotation of the device; locking washers are also considered spring washers. Examples include Belleville washer, wave washer, split washer, toothed lock washer, tab washer, and wedge lock washer.

What are the standards of washers?

If you check the American National Standards Institute, the standards for the general uses of flat washers are Type A (steel washers with wide tolerances) and Type B (steel washers with tight tolerances).

If you refer to the British Standard created in 1968, they identify washers in different forms. Form A refers to washers with normal diameter with normal thickness. Form B, on the other hand, refers to washers with normal diameter but light thickness. Form C refers to washers with large diameter with normal thickness. Form D refers to washers with a large diameter but light thickness. Form E is a washer with a larger diameter but normal thickness. Form F refers to washers with a larger diameter but normal thickness and Form G is a washer with the largest diameter and larger thickness.

What are the materials used to fabricate washers?

Washers can be made from different materials like steel (like carbon steel, stainless steel, and spring steel), metal (like brass, copper, aluminum, bronze, iron, titanium and zinc), alloy (like silicon bronze, monel and Hastelloy), plastic (like Teflon and polyethylene), Nylon, and specialty washers (like fibers, leather, felt and rubber).

What are the techniques used for corrosion resistance?

Corrosion resistance describes how well a metal withstands damage caused by oxidation. Techniques include metallic coatings, electroplating, phosphating, bluing (or browning) and chemical plating.

Where to buy washers?

Washers are little things that make a huge impact at the end of the day. It should be considered whatever mechanical projects you have. The good thing is you can find washers immediately. You do not need to scour the market for it. If you want convenience, you can consider Superior Washer online. When buying, look for a trusted seller. To help you, it is crucial that you read reviews. If ordering online is not possible, you can visit the nearby hardware store.

What benefits could the homeowners of being near to Sixth Avenue MRT Station?

One of the newly developed residential project and is highly desired by clients after its development is Fourth Avenue Residences. This is located just right at the heart of Bukit Timah road at Sixth Avenue MRT station. This residential site became applicable for clients through the aid of the Government Land Sale Programme. The Allgreen Properties who became the successful 3rd bidder developed this project. The residents are considered fortunate for in this residential area plenty of reputable academic establishment and universities are found around the vicinity. It is also located near the Sixth Avenue MRT Station which makes the homeowners access to anywhere they want to go. Plenty of buses are also available to those who wish to travel by buses. This makes the Fourth Avenue Residences more convenient due to facilities that make the homeowners do their daily routine quickly and comfortably. The homeowners were really looking forward to the realization of this project but somehow because of the adjacent Royalville site that was sold, the high expectations of the homeowners were not met.

developed residential project

What the good things the dwellers could enjoy in Amazing Plaza?

Fourth Avenue Residences show a recognizable and suitable place for many shoppers nearby with varieties of foods that clients could choose. Good deals of shopping centers are available as well. These shopping centers are favorably located near to Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station. Amazing plaza shopping center is also near to Allgreen Fourth Avenue Residences. All good things that a client is looking for are available from appetizing to exotic foods, amazing shops to service stores and even to instructional materials for students school needs could also be availed.

Name some unique facilities that could be found in Fourth Avenue Residences:

The homeowners of the Fourth Avenue Residences are lucky enough to have all the excellent facilities that the dwellers could take advantage of. These unique facilities which include a  guard house with friendly and approachable professional security guards who assures the dwellers’ safety. Clients could also enjoy the clubhouse and function rooms which could be used whenever gatherings are held. For homeowners whose family members are body and health conscious could make use of the indoor gymnasium. It also has a tennis court for those sports minded family members. Entertain the clients’ whole family members in a comfortable, quiet and peaceful ambiance in Fourth Avenue Residences, the best residential site in Bukit Timah.

Luxurious Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station

The fourth avenue residencies by the all green properties are waiting for you. It is the one which displays the language of happiness and luxury. This Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station is the upcoming development which is set in the nature of lush garden and with some of the amazing water features. Get ready to experience the feeling of living in a resort, which you always desired for. You can step in the world class leisure, where you can get variety number of exciting activities. You can start you day with your favorite game at the available tennis court can play basketball with your mates.

complete peaceful location

Get your dream home

The Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station offers you a complete peaceful location where you can live with your family, cook dinner, enjoy the first sip of coffee with your loved ones and can hand a romantic date at its rooftop. This is one project which can weave your dreams and can make them turn true. The contemporary, stylish and modern architecture of this condo is best designed for bringing out the tranquil and elegant oasis in heart of this vibrant city. You can contact them now for booking an appointment with the top developers and can get a chance to get discount as well.

Reasons to invest in the Fourth Ave condo

  • It is a brand new condo which is residential and located in the Bukit Timah
  • The KahKee MRT and sixth avenue MRT is just 5 minute walk away
  • Many of the shopping malls, the famous food centers as pepperoni Pizzeria, British club are located nearby
  • In short distance, Cage sports, Namly and Bougainvill park are located
  • You can find many of the educational institutions nearby Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station as well like Raffles girls, National junior and Nanyang high school for girls.

Each of these units holds the stunning view, modern facilities as well as spacious layouts. This comes with the plethora of facilities of 5 stars as tennis court, lap pool, sun deck, gym, and pit area for BBQ and others. The best part is that, they have not compromised on the security levels at all. They are offering 24 x 7 security and facility of smart home with all electrical devices available. Invest in the great project today which can offer your endless returns in future.


To come out of the financial crunch, a new kind of currency was devised, and this virtual currency became the new alternative. Though it has not yet got the status of a primary currency of the world, Bitcoin will and has in a way revolutionised the way how the finance and banking sector will work. The possibilities are numerous, and the autocratic and monopolised versions of these institutions caused the retarded growth of the economy. Any bad decision of these institutions will affect the country.

There are opportunities for a vast number of people to explore this arena as there can be new coders, analysts, speculators, entrepreneurs on the block and many others to set out on this new cryptocurrency adventure ride. Since the currency is incognito in nature, it can be traded in the whole world and not designated for any one country. There are no government interventions for the transactions that have taken place. They have no control over it and it is basically the people’s money and they have the right to do anything with it and the government cannot impose a tax, seize or hold you accountable for it. Hence, you have the sole power over your money in the virtual world of cryptocurrency. Make use of cash out.

bitcoin mixer

Uses of bitcoins in our lives

 The money that you earn is yours and this makes the bitcoin a popular option among a lot of people as they feel that their hard-earned money is given away in the form of taxes which they have the least benefit too. The commission on procurement and transfer of money need not be given as well as the book-keeping charges, which are imposed when using or not using the account is an unnecessary waste of money. Many of the fund transfer companies have minted millions over the years.

Bitcoins have just flipped this trend on its head and now the transfer is faster and simpler. No borders and boundaries. There isn’t a need to

  • Visit the banks
  • Meeting the bank staff
  • Payment of the concerned charges
  • Getting approval
  • Getting the transfer of money done

This would perhaps cost more and lose out on time.

3 things to consider before trying bitcoin mixing

Bitcoin mixing is a term used in a service that mixes ones bitcoin with others in the aim to end the connection between the sender and the receiver. It utilizes offshore accounts with strict bank secrecy laws and mixies other bitcoins with other bitcoins, sending a bitcoin amount either lesser or bigger to confuse any person or company whose motive is about tracing a particular bitcoin transaction.

People always ask if it’s really necessary because no one is offering it but a 3rd party service provider. That is actually up to you but just so you know, even if your wallet address looks anonymous, it’s really not. People are even referring to it as pseudo-anonymous”. The point is that it’s not really that anonymous to the people that know how to make it not anonymous. That capability is already existent today since bitcoin does have entities that use it on illegal things and there are agencies that are tracking these types of transactions. The fact is it can be used both good and bad but as you know using it can get you in trouble. A bitcoin mixer resolves issue of being “pseudo anonymous” by cutting the paper trail making your fund transfers untraceable. If you’re already sold with Bitcoin mixing, below are things that you should take note of.

It’s a business of trust: The fact that most of these bitcoin mixers don’t require you to register requires a leap of faith. Think about it, you send them your Bitcoin in the hopes of mixing it and sending it back to you. Not all people are open to that. The only thing that you can do if you really want that service that bad is identify the commonly used, most popular and highly rated Bitcoin mixing sites.

bitcoin mixer

It mixes with other bitcoins: Part of its safety feature is to erase doubts and with that, they mix your coins with other coins. This is the reason why when you receive your coins it won’t be the exact amount. It can be lesser or more than what you sent minus their fees that usually rates 1% to 3% if not free.

It can have fees: There are bitcoin mixing services that offer their services free and there are also ones that charge 1% to 3% as mentioned above. It’s not always a guarantee that the ones with the fees offer the best services nor the free ones, for all you know these free services are funded by private or illegal organizations and the ones that offer mixing for fees are for the maintenance of the site, you can’t really tell if you based the service on fees alone. What you need to do is do a bit of digging to identify the most credible and the best one for you.

Bitcoin mixing is a term used in a service (as the term goes), mixes bitcoin with other bitcoins and sends it back to the sender with the aim to cut the connection of the sender and receiver making it anonymous. If you are sold in using this type of service, you need to keep in mind that it’s a business of trust, your bitcoin is mixed with other bitcoins and it can also have fees depending on the site where you mix your coins from. If you want to know more about the highly recommended sites for Bitcoin mixing, visit for more details.

Reasons Why People Adore Logan Sekulow

Dream the impossible dream. That is how people vision life. Yes, it is definitely easy to dream, what comes hard is how to achieve it. People like Logan Sekulow are people who are most likely born with such great dreams and such lucky charms for them to be able to achieve their stars. People like him are the ones who are worthy for inspiration, indeed.

Today’s world is undeniable dominated by high technology, easy communication, easily learned techniques and a world of internet wobble. Gone are the days where people still actually pay attention to interesting stories, documentaries, real talents. Today, people just stay in awe of what technology can bring and what advances they can benefit of.

However, Sekulow stay on top of it. He proved that he and his productions are out of the world and are product of his imagine, creativity and talent. In which no one can ever replace or take.



There are a few reasons why people love and adore Logan Sekulow. Apart from his successful movies, it was also because he was a friend, a brother and a son that is not being caught up by his fame.

Here are other reasons why people are into him.

1.He was into film since he was 13

One thing that makes him successful in his career because it was something he was really passionate about. He grow up loving and dreaming of becoming a filmmaker that he eventually grows to be one. People adore him because of how passionate he was for something he really want.

2.His family was influential

His family was influential and very supportive in his take on life. Considering the fact that his family was also successful in their respective careers, they also become a challenged for Logan to excel in his choice of field.

3.His films became an inspiration to everybody

His films were undeniably amazing that it inspired a lot of people. One thing that made them love about Logan Sekulow, because the films he wrote were actually out of his own creativity and imagination plus slightly reflecting it to the world.

4.His doors are always open

Either you are a friend, a family or someone in need. Logan never did kept his doors closed. His studio, Laugh O-Gram, proves that he is an open door person. He helped a lot of people who are passionate about the same thing he has, and he helped them chased his dreams. He helps them become the person they are today. He helped them become as good as Walt Disney, and become passionate and creative as he, himself, Logan Sekulow.


The construction industry is growing rapidly and hence, the tools for quick and safe installations are much in demand. Structural bolts are designed to be used with nuts for steel to steel structural connections. It is designed in such a way so as to allow the use of a single wrench or socket on the bolt head and the nut. The head of a heavy hex structural bolt is specified to be of the same size as that of the diameter of a heavy hex nut. These are typically short with a thick, wide head which helps in effective load distribution. The two primary ways in which structural bolts are used as follows-

  • Slip critical connections
  • Snug tightened

Structural bolts can also be used in pre-tensioned connections for structural applications.

structural bolts

Structural Bolting:

There are mainly two US standard structural bolts namely ASTM A325 and ASTM A490. We carry both A490 specific bolts and A325 structural bolts. These bolts are quenched and temper heat treated to exceed the minimum tensile strength. These are generally made from weathering steel materials like medium carbon alloy steel with additions of copper, chromium and nickel. ASTM A325 bolts are available in diameters ranging from ½ to 1-½ inches. These bolts occur in two types-

  • Type 1: It is made from medium carbon steel and can be galvanized.
  • Type 3: It is made of weathering steel and offers atmospheric corrosion resistance.

A complete range of these bolts in different sizes together with hot dipped galvanized finish and mechanical galvanized finish that suits B695 specs are available in our inventory.

Partner with BACO Enterprises:

When it comes to purchasing fasteners for construction needs, one cannot compromise with the quality. For supreme quality A325 structural bolts or other structural bolts like A449 round head bolts, socket machine bolts and concrete anchor bolts, one can always rely on BACO Enterprises. Our in-house testing and dedicated inspection practices can assure you of added quality. With fast delivery of quality products at highly competitive prices, BACO Enterprises is definitely the best option to source structural bolts for structural applications.

Work Tips from Artists for Aspiring Artists

You do not have to be famous to share your art with the world. However, if you consider art as a career, you need to thrive in the world of art like Loris Greaud. Greaud is a French conceptual artist, architect, and filmmaker. The truth is, international critics, recognised him as one of the most important artists in this generation.

Conceptual art is prioritising the idea more than the aesthetic representation. With this, a conceptual art can be almost anything. Conceptual artists utilise whatever materials are available to portray their ideas across – it could be anything from written description to performance.

Many conceptual artists are emerging having global vision like Loris Gréaud. Fortunately, there are many ways to make it to the world of art. Here are some tips from artists for aspiring artists:

aesthetic representation

Do not stop working

Every artwork you exhibit, there are people who will have an opinion of it. That is normal but if you let anyone’s opinion affect your motivation to work, that is not helping you in any way. Constructive criticism can definitely shape your practice but do not let it force your work to conform to the wishes of the audiences. The art is how you see the world and nothing should stop that.

Meet with people

Most artists work alone in the studio especially if they are getting ready for their shows. It can be days or weeks and it will definitely get lonely. However, when the show comes, they open up and interact. This is something that you should do. Do not keep things on your own. You should meet many people along the way. Some will teach you and some will inspire you. Either way, things will be great if you meet with people having the same interest.

Look at your art as a potential buyer

If you want to market your art, it is crucial that you see it from a buyer’s perspective. If you consider this, you will figure out many things. The best thing to do is research first and pattern your works based on the artistic needs of the people.

Surround yourself with supportive people

It is a huge deal surrounding yourself with supportive people. These people will inspire and encourage you in whatever you do. In a crowd, these people care a lot about your art. While you can succeed without a good support system, things will be harder on your part. Remember that support system can go a long way.

Only compete with yourself

Do not put pressure on yourself by joining competitions and contests. Avoid measuring how many shows you made and the accolades you received compared to a particular person. When it comes to validation, only seek internally. Do not please other people. In this sense, you only compete with yourself.

Manage it as how you would manage a business

If you want to thrive, you should manage your art as a business. You should learn how to put things together to be successful at the end of the day.


Who doesn’t love a freshly brewed coffee to start the day? It is the best smell we like to wake up to. A freshly brewed coffee renews and makes us ready to face the day. There is nothing more comforting than having conversations with our loved ones over a cup. The love of coffee must have created words like coffee breaks, coffee books, coffee table and Coffee Machines.  and avid coffee lovers are always in the hunt for a best tasting coffee maker.

The coffee machine is one of the most important parts of life for people who are in love with this most aromatic beverage.  A lot of thought should go while selecting this most important gadget.  The number of brands and models and types of home coffee machines available may confuse a buyer. There are certain points one should keep in consideration while selecting one.   These are:

best tasting coffee maker

Study the function and features of a coffee machine:

  • If the buyer wants to have a control over the kind of beans used, he should go for coffee machines with a grinder. This allows him to select the choicest coffee beans from the best manufacturers rather than buying the coffee powder off the shelf.
  • For people who like espresso should go for espresso machines.
  • People who are pressed for time can go for drip or French press coffee makers.
  • For someone who likes to brew 12 cups of coffee should go for machines with large thermal carafes.

Design and features:

  • The buyer should go for sleek and compact design so that it fits in the kitchen counter seamlessly with other gadgets present.
  • One should go for coffee makers, where if the buyer desires, can replace the regular carafe with a thermal one, which helps to keep the coffee hot for a longer period of time.
  • One should go for a machine which has the facility of pause brewing. This feature allows to brew a single cup of coffee before the machine has finished the brewing program.

Simple procedures:

The coffee machine should be simple to operate. There should not be a number of buttons, and steps to go through, for brewing a cup. The use of the machine should be hassle-free.


The appliance should be safe to use, even with kids around. The electric cord and plug should be of very good quality, to avoid electric shocks. One should go for automatic shut off function so that if one forgets to unplug it, the machine will not heat up and run unsupervised causing accidents.

Warranty and after sales:

The gadget should have a reasonable warranty period so that it can be replaced or fixed in case of any faults with the machine.

One need not go for the biggest and most expensive machine from the market to get your best tasting coffee maker, but should be guided by the kind of brew one likes, and can enjoy the coffee anytime one likes either leisurely or on the run.