Day: June 23, 2018

How to purchase a baby changing table?

Having a toddler in our household is the most exciting moments of the life and it is important to take care about their health. Because even a small infection through any manes can cause problems to your baby. In order to prevent the chances of diseases in your toddler it is very important to limit the contact between the floor and the toddler. This is only possible when you are ready to buy a changing table with drawers because it is not possible to maintain the floor clean throughout the entire day in our household.

buy a changing table with drawers

What is a baby table?

This is a sort of furniture used to change the diapers of your baby without bending to the floor. In order to change the diapers you may need to place your baby on the floor often and this causes a regular contact of the baby with the floor. When you are out for a shopping, you may need some other external devices that is capable of helping you in changing the diaper.

 In addition, when aged people are acting as the caretakers of the baby they cannot bend every time in order to change the diapers. In this scenario a changing table is used which provides the necessary height to you in order to change the diaper of the baby. This comes with a stand so that it can be placed on any plain floor. Sometimes people love to choose the table with some shelves in order to store the necessary diapers and other related clothing for your baby. Therefore, it is a great idea to buy changing table with drawers in order to add convenience to you.

Things to note down

It is very important to note down certain things before buying a changing table for your baby. It is better to buy the table with a changing surface present on it because there are chances for you to forget that particular piece when going outdoors. It is important to buy the table in such a way that it can be used in future for other purposes after your baby has grown.

Find The Best Changing Tables

Spending special moments with our little ones makes life wonderful. We can express our love and care for them by providing them with quality baby furniture.Various furniture designers and manufacturer are found in the market. You need to be extra careful in choosing quality furniture for your baby’s safety and protection.

Changing table with drawers in the market:

Varieties of changing table with drawers could be found in famous stores. Our high-quality changing table with drawers make parenting more manageable and easy.

At Baby  Bunting you can find plenty of and a complete range of all changing table with drawers online.

changing table with drawers

Boori Chest 4 drawer changing table:

In buying this product, just choose among the given options: delivery or click and collect;

Features and specs:

It has four storage drawers, dovetail joints, change tray is removable, with a five-year warranty, delivered fully assembled. It has 48 length x 69widthx89height (cm)This  This is a classically built four drawers chest changing table exactly fits for your baby needs.

DaVinci 3-Drawer changing table:

Its features: It is non-toxic multi-step painting process, the lead used is safe for your baby, safety strap and anti-up kit are also included.

Savannah 2 Drawer Changing table:

This changing table is available in many eye-catching designs. It is made from a non-toxic material that is safe to use for babies..It is versatile, timeless and economical choice for it could still be used for years to come, its features: material is made from laminated particle board. Changing Tray is removable and changing pad is included, cabinets and drawers are provided with the weight capacity of 30 pounds. It is eco-friendly, the products are clean and dry with cloth only.

Other Famous furnitures from other known manufacturers:

  • Wes changing table: You need to have this in your baby’s room. a furniture with a traditional style meets your changing station needs. You can conveniently put your powders, hand towels, and lotion to the spacious drawers.
  • its features: It has a white color furniture with manufactured wood as materials. Changing tray is removable with changing pad included. It also has exterior shelves and drawers. Assemble is required and it has a one year warranty for the product.
  • Little Smileys 4 Drawer Changing Dresser- enhance your baby’s room with this eye-catching furniture. the changing table is made up of non-toxic material that makes it safe and durable. It has two open spaces. Three storage drawers that can be used in keeping your baby powder soap and shampoo.

Variety of brands out there.

Various brands are available in the market all over the world. Just discover variety for every style and budget that suits to your needs.