Day: June 11, 2018

Helpful TIPS On Finding Your Router’s IP Address Using Windows

The Internet Protocol address or what we call the “IP Address” is a numerical label that is being assigned to each device that is connected to a computer network that specifically uses an Internet Protocol for communication. This means that when your computer or your phone or tablet is connected to the internet, it will connect to a site’s IP that will serve as its site.

In your home network, for example, all of your devices have their own unique IP address in order to communicate with each other within the local network. When your devices will connect to the internet, all of them will share the same IP which will be the public IP of the router or the modem.

IP Address Using Windows

Public vs Private IP Address: What’s The Difference?

Many are still confused between the private and the public IP address. So for those who are not able to differentiate the public IP address and the private IP address, here are your answers:

  • Public IP Address. This is the IP address that your router will get which is assigned by your Internet Service Provider or ISP. This is used to handle all of the communications of your network to the outside world. So if you go to any website, they will be able to detect and see your IP address since this is needed to complete the communication process.
  • Private IP Address. Not only does your modem or router has a public IP address. This also has a private IP address which the modem or router assigns at the IP in the subnet. For example,, or anything else. All of the devices that are connecting to the home network will be assigned with an IP address by the router or modem.

Find Your IP Address Using Windows

Your router’s IP address is called the “Default Gateway” of your network connection information that can be found on Windows. You can use the Command Prompt by using the “ipconfig” command. You can also find this gateway address using the graphics interface. Just open the Control Panel, and in the “Network and Internet” category, select the “View Network Status and Tasks” link.

You can see in the upper right-hand corner of the “Network and Sharing Center” window the name of your network connection. Click on that for you to be directed to the “Ethernet Status” window where you need to click the “Details” button. This will then lead you to the “Network Connection Details.” On this window, you can find here your router’s IP address.

Finding your router IP address should not be a boggling task. This is usually needed if ever you want to make some configuration or changes, then you need to know how to access your router’s IP address. The easiest method to find your router’s ip address using Windows. Follow the instructions listed above for you to easily find your IP address for whatever reason that it may help you with.

Do ATMs Make Us Spend More?

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is one of the most important inventions of the 20th Century. We might not notice its significance, as we probably use it everyday and for most young people, they have been around since forever. But those who are old enough remember the dark days of having to line up to a teller just to withdraw some cash. They also recall the horror of banking hours ending and their money being locked in what seems like forever. It was definitely a good idea for banks to buy an atm.

Life with the ATM is so much different now. The main use of the ATM is in an emergency. Imagine yourself rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night. You would need money for the hospital admission or to buy prescribed medicine. In this situation, the ATM is a lifesaver.

boost consumerism

However, there are some dissenting views on the idea that the ATM is a godsend. From a different perspective, the ATM is sent by the devil. How can such an invention have such opposite impressions?

There are certain factors of the ATM that contribute to this negative view:

ATMs are strategically located to boost consumerism

ATMs are placed on the malls, right in the middle of the sale area. Some banks even tie up with gadget shops, to entice people to buy. They actually study this.

ATM fees make people withdraw more

Transaction/Usage fees of ATMs have hiked. They can charge you as much as 5$ to withdraw from ATMs outside their network, In such a situation, it is a valid argument to withdraw more money (I’d rather withdraw 200$ even though I just need a 20$ to save on transaction fees). When the money is in your hands already, it is easier to spend.

Dispensing higher denominations

Even when you withdraw within your network (sans the transaction fee), many ATMs do not dispense denominations lower than 20$. In some cases, the lowest is 50$. Thus, people will end up breaking their budgets. When banks and shopping centers made an effort to employ strategies that will make you spend more, it is foolish to blame them for our lack of financial stability. There are also strategies to outwit your ATM.

Withdraw a fixed budget at one time

Set a fixed amount that you will spend for a certain period of time. That way, you only need to visit the ATM and transact once.

Withdraw for a specific purpose

For any subsequent withdrawals, it should also be a very specific amount for a very specific purpose. Do not withdraw any more than that.

Use envelopes

Keep your money in specific envelopes. For example, one envelope for the phone bill, one envelope for the power bill, etc. The envelope gives you the idea that the money is off limits. Better yet, consider the money spent (if you can’t pay it right away). If the money is in your wallet, it still gives the suggestion that it can be spent.

Banks and shopping centers inevitably have their own agenda that can cause financial ruin for some, but we are not mindless victims. While we may have strategies to help you outwit them, The best strategy is still discipline and self-control.

To be money smart, it is suggested that you consult an expert. Take for instance Adam Jiwan. He can be your go-to person in case you have doubts with money handling and related concerns.

All about router IP address

Even though computers and internet are widely used by many people in their day to day life, many among them don’t have technical knowledge about it. There are also many people who are still unaware of finding the IP address. There are many users who don’t have idea about an IP address. But it is to be noted that knowing these factors are more important in order to use the network without any hassles. In case, if they tend to get exposed to any kind of issues, they must be aware of these factors in order to handle the issues in the right way. This article is written in order to provide the best information on the router IP address.

router IP address

What are they?

Basically the broadband will have two types of IP addresses. The first one is the private IP address which will be on the local network. The next one is the public IP address and this is the external IP address. The main intention of using this IP address is they will help in communicating with the other network on the internet. Knowing about this IP address is more important in order to handle any kind of emergency.

How to find IP?

The external IP is the one which links the internet service provider and the broadband. In order to find this IP the IP lookup services available in online can be used. Apart from it, this IP address can also be found within the router. In the router settings, there may be a status page. In this page, the internet section will have the details about the IP address. While considering the local IP address, it can also be pointed out in router settings. It can be easily seen in the manufacturer’s documentation. It can be easily retrieved from the basic set up screen. Some branded routers may also have default IP address. This IP will get differed from one branded router to another. However, the people who are not aware of how to check router ip can make use of the above mentioned ways.