Day: May 26, 2018

The Reasons To Invest In Davenport Laroche Containers

Alternative Investing is one of the safest types of investments for this generation. If you are looking for an uncomplicated investment, this is definitely the best choice for you. One of the most common and successful Alternative Investing is with shipping containers. This promises high returns in just a short period of time. Davenport Laroche is one of the companies that offer Alternative Investments.

What You Need To Know About Davenport Laroche

Davenport Laroche is a Hong Kong-based company located in the Kwun Tong District. This is a part of Hong Kong that is known as an industrial area for a few decades now. This area has been renovated and is now a commercial center because of the promising success of the district. And one of the main factors that contribute to its success is the shipping container industry.

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Why Invest In Shipping Containers?

Before you start investing in a shipping container, be sure that you have done your research about this alternative investing. It is better if you have an understanding of the industry before you dive into it. Here are the reasons why you should invest with Davenport Laroche Containers:

  • High Returns. Investing in shipping containers from Davenport Laroche will give you 12% of the initial payment that you made on the containers in a year. But if you want higher revenues, you can choose the higher income plans where you can earn as much as 24%.
  • High Demand. The global trade involves shipping containers on a daily basis because 90% of the goods worldwide are being transported by containers. This means that the more containers you have, the more income you will generate.
  • Steady Investment. A containers’ lifespan can last for up to 15 years. This means that the longer you are in this business, the more money you save. This is because containers do not lose their financial values because they hold material and functional values.

This shipping container industry is very easy to understand. Shipping container investment is not as complicated as you think it will be. As long as you invest with Davenport Laroche, everything will be easy for you as an investor. This is because the company handles everything for you. All you have to do is purchase containers from them. They will be the one who will find clients for you and transfer the income into your account. Trust them and wait as your money grows in your bank account.

Why Today Is A Good Idea To Invest In Shipping Containers

Shipping containers, it’s a metal box that can either be square or rectangular, its purpose is to store and protect whatever is being put inside and it’s a common sight when you’re near the docks. Shipping containers are essential for sea logistics since its characteristics are able to withstand the abuse caused by man, machine, and mother nature while able to properly secure the item that is inside it. What most people don’t know is that this is also a very good investment today.

There are so many layers in the shipping and logistics industry that you would think that these companies own it, but they don’t, what most people don’t know is that there are more private individuals that actually own shipping containers. Their purpose is to either sell it at a higher price or lease it. While that might look like a very hard thing to do, its not, this is because your not going to buy a shipping container, nor you will be the one that will find a buyer or a company that will lease it. This is all done by a shipping container investing firm and all you have to do is pay and get paid.

shipping container investing firm

Its high in demand and not all people knew about it:

While not many people knowing about the investment opportunity in shipping containers might look bad, but it’s not. This is because if you have lesser competition, it means there’s more demand for it and the investment firm that you got to purchase a shipping container won’t have a hard time finding a company that will buy it or lease it. So while people are focused on e-commerce and cryptocurrency, try investing in shipping containers.

It’s a low-risk investment:

How often do shipping containers get damaged or lost at sea? Seldom, and not to mention that shipping containers are built like a tank, it can take harsh weathers and drops and still it would look fine. You don’t even need to do maintenance work for it and ideally, it would last for 15 years. How’s that for an investment right?

It has perks:

Shipping containers actually have a 10% depreciation allowance, so while your shipping container depreciates, you will still be able to get money out of it. Your car depreciates, your mobile device depreciates, even Bitcoin is not as strong as it has been. While it’s not a growing investment, having that constant and regular payout for many years is very welcoming and you can use that for your other investments.

Shipping containers are a different breed of investment, this is because it’s not the most popular, but it does have some perks and these are the reason why you should consider investing in it today. Its high in demand and not all people know about it, its a low-risk investment and it has a depreciation allowance that you can take advantage off even if your shipping container is depreciating. So why wait for many people to discover it? Contact Davenport Laroche today start investing.

Investment Alternatives – Davenport Laroche Containers

In order to gain more profits and get more awareness and access to the modern portfolios and strategies as the traditional investment methods are providing standard profits mode of alternative investments is being opted by the individuals.  The most popular investment tool among them is Davenport Laroche Containers.

Containers are considered as the safest and profitable source of income. Containers have the best track record of more than 60 years. Davenport Laroche Containers are the best source of investment which helps to run successfully and smoothly from shipping containers, sourcing, leasing and transferring income. The whole investment process is made simple.

shipping containers

LowRisk: Containers are considered as low-risk elements as it serves as the biggest business. Goods are moved across the world through containers.

Capital preservation: With the help of higher income leases and conservative lease the capital is preserved as assurance will be given to buy the containers after five years at the original price. There is also the feasibility of selling the asset without any limitations to time. This enables the capital preservation as the amount invested can be gained. Even though the average life of a container is 20 years there is no need to worry as the invested capital is preserved. Even when the containers are damaged or lost the investor need not worry as the containers are insured. Even the container location can also be tracked.

Investment security: Financial assets fluctuate as per the market conditions whereas in the case of hard assets such as shipping containers the value will not change. The entire value will not be lost as they contain materials. At the same time, the investor can exit the business at any time as the investor will get the assurance of buyback.  The containers will be purchased by the firm at market price before 5 years of the lease. The containers will be purchased after completing 5 years of the lease at the purchase price.

High returns: Containers promises for high returns when compared to investments in bonds, shares, real estates and cash. With less amount of risk, more profits will be gained. The returns will be based on the leasing plan chosen by the investor. As there are two types of leasing strategies where the conservative leasing plan assures fixed rate of return every month. On the other hand, higher income leasing strategy will not promise fixed returns rather higher returns are assured. Based on the rental rates which are high and short-term leases and as per the demand the income earned differs. Containers do not have any other alternative and the demand for containers exists always. Containers are the only investment which generates monthly income.